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Next Issue of RUNTmag - Deadline:

The theme for our next issue of RUNTmag will be "____". You can use this as a starting point and take it wherever your imagination fancies! Please include "RUNTmag submission" in the subject.



Independant work - Deadline: none

We are currently taking submissions for work to publish and distribute in 2014. All work will be considered, and we will try to offer feedback if not successful.


The submissions can be of any medium so long as it is in the form of a publish-able book. (Text, photographs, drawings, other image, fiction, non-fiction, experimental writing, etc are all accepted. We do not distinguish between mediums. We just make books.)


We want to see work that has a lightly punk, conceptual playfulness to it.


Include: “Independant Submission” and the title in the subject.

In the email include your name, where you live, links to your work online, a short description of the work you’re submitting (500 words max) and the work as an attachment.



RUNTanthologies - Deadline: none

We are not currently accepting submissions for anthologies.


RUNTpress is the RUNTcollective publishing house, which initially started in Cornwall, but is now Bristol based. It is led by RUNTcollective members Mark Ferbrache and Jonathan Firbank, and releases it's bi-annual magazine RUNTmag every June and December.




RUNTmag is a magazine designed for creatives who work across boundaries and with contradictions. People who describe their work with phrases like “darkly cute” or “cleverly stupid”. Who make text that's not quite poetry or prose. Who write articles where you can't quite tell whether they're serious or not.

While only restricting media to something that can fit on a flat page, RUNTmag looks for two characteristics above all others:

  • Playfulness

    • Whether with form, aesthetic, function, mood, etc. RUNTmag needs any of it's submissions to have a certain irreverential curiosity towards “what things could be if I did this”


  • And Appropriateness

    • The fact that, despite whatever madness is happening, it is apparent that there is some sort of cohesive narrative, aesthetic or logic behind the work in which every piece fits that ties it together in an holistic sense.

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